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Director //︎︎︎

I’ve had the opportunity to direct or co-direct short films and music videos. This is an area of my work that I would like to explore further in future projects. 

Spikes //

Spikes is a very short film created for the She Drew That residency in 2020. It was an amazing opportunity to learn more about directing and work alongside amazing female directors. 

The film was entirely storyboarded, designed and animated by myself. 
The music was made by Father

motion test
Summer Loop //

When I was Animation Director at Golden Wolf, I had the opportunity to work solo on his loop.  I wanted to present a diverse cast of characters and have the heavy feel of summer hotness.
Audio : Take your Medicine


Perdre is one of my graduation films, created at EMCA school. 
The film is about anger and catharsis. 

Marshmello x DuckTales //

Working at GoldenWolf, I had the opportunity to co-direct this collaboration piece between musician Marshmello and the DuckTales license. I wrote the script, roughed out the board and partly directed the animation. 

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