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Storyboard // ︎︎︎

If you scroll down you’ll find a selection of animatics that I’ve worked on with advertising sutdios. I generally work straight into animatic to start working with the timings and the edit as soon as possible. This allows to have a general idea of the piece very fast. 

Riot Games - Star Walkin //

I had the immense luck to work on this music video for League Of Legends, in collaboration with The Line. I storyboarded several parts of the video, and did the pre-edit, gathering the work of the several storyboarders working on the project.
Because of NDAs I am unable to share animatics, but you can watch the final result.

Farzar //

I storyboarder and directed the animation with GoldenWolf for the opening of the show Farzar, a 2022 Netflix show by the creators of Paradise Police

And here is the final result : 

Verizon //

I teamed up with Nexus L.A to execute beatboards to explain the functionning of an Augmented Reality app. The app worked in an American Football stadium, helping supporters to find their sits, showing holograms of team mascotts and additionnal perks.

MelonHead //

I had the opportunity to work on a pitch for a campain preventing concussion, with Passion Picture.  The art style was aiming at something quite illustrative, and it was fun to implement that in the beatboards.
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